Piggy was surrounded before he could back away. “Here – let me go!” His voice rose to a shriek of terror as Jack snatched the glasses off his face. “Mind out! Give ‘em back! I can hardly see! You’ll break the conch!”
“We’ve got to have special people for looking after the fire. Any day there may be a ship out there” – he waved his arm at the taut wire of the horizon – “and if we have a signal going they’ll come and take us off. And another thing. We ought to have more rules. Where the conch is, that’s a meeting. The same up here as down there.” – Ralph
Beneath the dark canopy of leaves and smoke the fire laid hold on the forest and began to gnaw. Acres of black and yellow smoke rolled steadily toward the sea. At the sight of the flames and the irresistible course of the fire, the boys broke into shrill, excited cheering.
“That little ‘un that had a mark on his face – where is – he now? I tell you I don’t see him.” The boys looked at each other fearfully, unbelieving.