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Lord of the Flies

William Golding

Key Questions and Answers

Summary Key Questions and Answers

4) Why does Jack start his own tribe?

From the beginning of the novel, Jack and Ralph both want to be leader of the boys, and disagree not only about who the leader should be, but what style of leadership is most effective. The tension mounts between Jack and Ralph until Chapter 8, when they argue openly. After Ralph mocks Jack’s hunters as “boys armed with sticks,” Jack erupts into an angry diatribe and rails against Ralph and his poor leadership skills. He insists that Ralph is a coward and that he himself would be a better leader. But after no one else agrees by vote, Jack leaves the group in tears. Hours later, many of the boys have left Ralph to join Jack’s tribe, lured by the promise of hunting, eating meat and having fun. Soon the two tribes are in violent conflict with each other.