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Where does Tom work?

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What does Tom like to write?

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Where does The Glass Menagerie take place?

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At the beginning of the play, where is Laura supposedly attending classes?

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The Glass Menagerie is a “memory play.” From which character’s memory is it drawn?

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For what does Amanda conduct a telephone campaign in order to make extra money?

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Amanda returns a library book that Tom has checked out. Who is the author of this book?

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The action of the play is set nearest to which era of American history?

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According to Tom, where does he spend most of his nights?

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What is Amanda most concerned that Tom’s friend, the gentleman caller, not be?

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In what is Jim taking night courses?

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For whom did Tom’s father work?

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What do the Wingfields have instead of a porch?

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What is Laura’s favorite animal among her glass figurines?

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What is Jim’s nickname for Tom?

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What class did Jim and Laura have together in high school?

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Of what origin is Jim’s family?

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Why did Jim call Laura “Blue Roses”?

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How does Tom plunge the family into darkness?

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For what does Tom pay membership dues with the money earmarked for the abovementioned bill?

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What is across the alley from the Wingfields’ apartment?

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Why will Jim not call again on the Wingfields?

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What, according to Tom, is man by instinct?

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What does Amanda make Tom promise that he will never be?

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How did Tennessee Williams refer to the 1960s?