[TOM:] But the wonderfullest trick of all was the coffin trick. We nailed him into a coffin and he got out of the coffin without removing one nail . . . There is a trick that would come in handy for me — get me out of this two-by-four situation! . . . You know it don’t take much intelligence to get yourself into a nailed-up coffin, Laura. But who in hell ever got himself out of one without removing one nail?
TOM: I go to the movies because — I like adventure. Adventure is something I don’t have much of at work, so I go to the movies. AMANDA: But, Tom, you go to the movies entirely too much! TOM: I like a lot of adventure.
AMANDA: I mean that as soon as Laura has got somebody to take care of her, married, a home of her own, independent — why, then you’ll be free to go wherever you please, on land, on sea, whichever way the wind blows you! But until that time you’ve got to look out for your sister. I don’t say me because I’m old and don’t matter! I say for your sister because she’s young and dependent.