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What does Stephen's father call him as a child?

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Where does Stephen attend school as a child?

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Why do John Casey and Dante argue at Stephen's first Christmas dinner at the adult table?

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Why does Father Dolan whip Stephen during Latin class?

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How does Father Conmee respond to Stephen's request that he talk to Father Dolan about his punishment in Latin class?

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What does Mike Flynn try to teach Stephen to do?

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With which novel does Stephen fall in love?

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To whom does Stephen write his first love poem?

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Which two colors does Stephen associate with Dante?

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Which character smokes "black twists" of tobacco?

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Why do Stephen and his father travel to Cork?

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Why is Stephen embarrassed of his father when they visit Cork?

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What does Stephen do to win prize money?

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What does Stephen do with his prize money?

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In what city does Stephen first have sex with a prostitute?

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How does Stephen react to having slept with a prostitute?

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Where does Stephen hear Father Arnall give his sermons on hell?

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What is Stephen's reaction to Father Arnall's sermons?

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Who suggests to Stephen that he might become a member of the Jesuit order?

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What sight makes Stephen realize that he wants to dedicate himself to art?

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Instead of becoming a Jesuit, what does Stephen do?

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Which of Stephen's friends at the university is staunchly patriotic?

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What is one of the basic distinctions of Stephen's aesthetic theory?

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Which of the following lists corresponds to one of the distinctions made in Stephen's aesthetic theory?

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What ceremony does Cranly try to convince Stephen to attend, for his mother's sake?