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What is King Arthur’s nickname as a child?

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Who are Queen Morgause’s children?

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Where does King Arthur’s final battle against King Lot take place?

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At the end of Book II, what does the narrator say is the cause of Arthur’s tragedy?

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Why did Sir Ector and not Arthur’s birth father, Uther Pendragon, raise Arthur?

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Who is Mordred’s closest ally?

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How does Gawaine die?

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Why does the Wart pull the sword out of the stone?

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What is Lancelot’s son named?

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Why doesn’t Lancelot find the Holy Grail?

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On what text is The Once and Future King based?

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Why do Arthur and Gawaine lay siege to Lancelot’s castle in France?

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Why does Lancelot sleep with Elaine?

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What is the name of Merlyn’s owl?

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While living with Elaine, Lancelot disguises himself and goes by which of the following names?

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Why does Agravaine kill his mother, Morgause?

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Which animal does Merlyn turn the Wart into first?

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What is the name of the hawk that the Wart follows in the woods?

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Why do Sir Palomides and Sir Grummore disguise themselves as the Questing Beast?

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What is the one thing that Merlyn forgets to warn Arthur about in time?

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Why does Lancelot battle Sir Turquine?

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Who is the only person to defeat Lancelot in single combat?

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23. What are King Arthur’s allies in France named?

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Why is Arthur’s table round?

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Who is King Arthur’s real father?