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What is the name of Miss Havisham’s manor?

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In what region of England are the marshes of the novel found?

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How old is Pip when Magwitch returns to his life?

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In what publication was Great Expectations originally serialized?

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To what genre of fiction, defined by its depiction of a character’s growth from childhood to adulthood, does Great Expectations belong?

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Who is Pip’s tutor in London?

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Who is Estella’s father?

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What action does Jaggers perform obsessively?

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What is Pip’s reaction to Joe’s visit to him in London?

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Who takes credit for Pip’s rise in social status?

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Who is responsible for the attack on Mrs. Joe?

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For most of the novel, whom does Pip suspect of being his secret benefactor?

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What name does Wemmick call his elderly father?

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Who tells Pip that Compeyson was Miss Havisham’s fiancé?

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What is Herbert’s nickname for Pip?

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Where does Pip first encounter Magwitch?

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Who is the “pale young gentleman”?

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Whom does Estella marry?

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Who buys Herbert’s way into business?

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What happens to Compeyson at the end of the novel?

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Where does Estella live when she goes abroad?

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What was the name of Miss Havisham’s brother, Compeyson’s first partner?

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What accident befalls Miss Havisham before her death?

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What is the source of the Havisham fortune?

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What name does Magwitch use to hide his identity?