Dickens Trail App

This interactive app allows you to follow four famous Dickens characters (including Magwitch from Great Expectations) through key London locations.

The Cornhill, Great Expectations, and The Convict System in Nineteenth-Century England

A short article describing the historical context around prisons, criminals, and convicts during the lifetime of Charles Dickens.

Great Expectations and Class

A short article exploring the context of social class in Victorian England. Includes images from original and early editions of the novel.

Criminal Courts-Sketches by Boz

A short essay from earlier in Dickens’s career wherein he explores his fascination with the criminal justice system.

George Orwell on Charles Dickens

Text of an essay by George Orwell describing what he sees as the strengths and weaknesses of Dickens as an author.

BBC World Book Club Podcast: Great Expectations

Biographer Claire Tomalin talks to Harriett Gilbert about Great Expectations.

The Guardian Film Show Podcast: Great Expectations

Discussing with Mike Newell and Jeremy Irvine about their 2012 film adaptation of Great Expectations.