1. For how many years does Grendel’s battle with the humans last?

2. Who or what is Hart?

3. What do the humans think Grendel is when they find him in the tree?

4. What is the dragon’s final piece of advice to Grendel?

5. Who is Scyld Shefing?

6. What instrument does the Shaper play?

7. How does Grendel reach the dragon?

8. What type of animal is Grendel observing at the opening of the book?

9. Who, according to the Shaper, is Grendel’s ancestor?

10. What term does the dragon use to describe the nature of Grendel’s relationship to the humans?

11. What objects does Grendel throw at Unferth in the meadhall?

12. What are Wealtheow’s people called?

13. How does Hrothgar come to be married to Wealtheow?

14. Who is Breca?

15. Who is the only person seemingly happy about Ork’s vision of the Destroyer?

16. What does Grendel take “Warovvish” to mean?

17. What keeps climbing up the cliff, even after Grendel kills it with stones?

18. How, in Grendel’s estimation, do the Geats appear when they first arrive in Denmark?

19. Where does Grendel find himself at the very end of the novel?

20. How, in Grendel’s eyes, does Beowulf manage to best him?

21. What does Beowulf force Grendel to do during their final battle?

22. What does Grendel decide when the bull starts attacking him?

23. What school of philosophy does Red Horse best embody?

24. Who is plotting to overthrow Hrothgar in a revolution?

25. Where do Grendel and his mother live?