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In Our Time


Nick Adams -  Nick is the protagonist of many of the stories in In Our Time. Several of the stories show him as a young boy in the Midwest. Then, Nick grows up and goes to war. He comes back a changed man.
Nick's father -  Nick's father is a doctor. He emphasizes the importance of masculinity to Nick. He also has a hot temper and has trouble getting along with his wife.
Bill -  Nick Adams' best friend from home, Bill drinks with Nick in "The Three-Day Blow," and the two often fish and hunt together. He is glad when Nick breaks up with Marjorie.
Marjorie -  Nick Adams' girlfriend at home, Marjorie expects to marry Nick. But in "The End of Something," he breaks it off with her, only to later question that action.
Uncle George -  George is Nick's uncle. He comes along to help deliver the squaw in "Indian Camp."
Dick Boulton  -  This man, half-Native American, half-Caucasian, made a deal to chop wood for Nick's father in "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife." He accuses Nick's father of having stolen the wood, though, and gets kicked out.
Eddy -  Dick Boulton's son.
Billy Tabeshaw -  A Native American who comes with Dick Boulton to chop wood. He is quiet and sensitive.
Ad Francis -  Ad is an old boxer who Nick Adams meets when he is punched off of a freight train. This man is somewhat crazy but very tough.
Bugs -  Bugs is traveling with Ad Francis. He feeds Nick and saves him from Ad's anger.
Luz -  Luz is the Italian nurse and lover of a young American soldier in "A Very Short Story." She eventually leaves this soldier for an Italian major, calling the relationship with the American an immature one.
Krebs -  Krebs is the main character of "Soldier's Home." He returns home to Kansas after being in the war, feeling disoriented and empty inside.
Helen Krebs -  Krebs younger sister, she plays indoor baseball and looks up to Krebs as a hero.
Drevitts -  In Chapter VIII, he shoots the two Hungarians with Boyle.
Boyle -  In Chapter VIII, he is a police officer who helps Drevitts shoot the two Hungarians.
Cornelia Elliot -  The wife of Hubert Elliot in "Mr. And Mrs. Elliot," Cornelia is an unhappy American living in France with her husband.
Hubert Elliot -  A poet living in France in "Mr. And Mrs. Elliot," Hubert cannot make his wife pregnant or happy.
Peduzzi -  An Italian man in "Out of Season," Peduzzi has a tendency to drink too much. He attempts to take an American couple on a fishing expedition, but the wife leaves early and he forgets some of the equipment.
Villalta -  A great bullfighter, he is described in Chapter XII.
George -  The student who goes skiing with a friend in "Cross-Country Snow." The friend might be Nick Adams, but George calls him Mike.
Helen -  Nick's significant other in "Cross-Country Snow," Helen is pregnant.
Maera -  A bullfighter who tries to stop Luis from partying all day before a bullfight. Eventually, Maera is killed by a bull.
Luis -  A bullfighter who drinks and dances all day before a fight, even when his fellow matadors try to stop him.
Joe -  The narrator of "My Old Man," Joe tells the story of his father as a horse jockey.
George Gardner -  A jockey friend of Joe's father in "My Old Man." George seems to be Joe's father's only supporter by the end of his life.
Hopkins -  He was an old friend of Nick Adams's. Nick thinks of Hopkins as he makes coffee in "Big Two-Hearted River." Hopkins, we can assume, was killed in the war.
Sam Cardinella -  When he is about to be hanged in Chapter XV, Cardinella is too afraid to walk. A priest tells him to be a man.

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