Sam Cardinella was hanged at 6 A.M. at the county jail. The five men to die were in the cells on the top floor. They were all afraid. Two of the men were white and three were Black. They entered the gallows from a door in the wall. Two priests were with them. They had to carry Sam because he was so afraid. As they strapped his legs together, a priest whispered to him "Be a man, my son." He lost control and voided his bowels. The men holding him dropped him, disgusted. They put him on a chair. A priest knelt next to him. The priest moved just before he fell.


Although many of the characters in Hemingway's stories confront death, usually in war or bullfighting, few acknowledge how frightening it is. This story tells the reader how scary walking into one's own death can be. Yet, this is exactly what soldiers and bullfighters do. In addition, these men are asked to be manly, which means not to show emotion or fear. Even the priest, who is supposed to be understanding, tells the criminal to "be a man."