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What are the names of the servants who care for Rochester at Ferndean?

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Which character is in love with Rosamond?

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Who sets the fire in Rochester’s bedroom?

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What has just happened to Mr. Mason the first time we encounter him?

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Which character is based on the Reverend Carus Wilson, a figure from Charlotte Brontë’s childhood?

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Who writes to St. John regarding Jane’s inheritance from John Eyre?

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How does John Reed apparently die?

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Where did Rochester marry Bertha Mason?

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Who first suggests that Jane be sent away to school?

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What is the nationality of Jane’s pupil at Thornfield?

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What does Rochester lose in the fire at Thornfield?

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Which teacher is kind to Jane at Lowood?

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What does the kind teacher give Jane and Helen to eat?

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How does Jane earn a living after leaving Thornfield?

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With whom does Jane believe Rochester is in love for most of her time at Thornfield?

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What does Jane do with the inheritance she receives from her uncle John Eyre?

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What is the nature of Jane’s first encounter with Rochester?

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What does Mr. Brocklehurst do to one of Jane’s classmates to rid her of her “vanity”?

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How does Jane’s Aunt Reed punish her for fighting with her bullying cousin John?

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To which destination does St. John Rivers want Jane to accompany him as his wife and fellow missionary?

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What is the name of the Riverses’ servant?

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What does Jane do immediately after finishing her studies at Lowood?

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Who wears the disguise of a gypsy woman?

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What happens within the first ten years of Jane and Rochester’s marriage?

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What is the subject of the book Jane is reading at the beginning of the novel?