BBC Radio 4 Beyond Belief: Jane Eyre
BBC Radio

This episode of Beyond Belief, a BBC podcast, examines religious themes in Jane Eyre and the novel’s contemporary reception.

The Brontë Books and Reading

This archival blog strives to trace the literary influences of the Brontë siblings by tracking the books they read.

Charlotte Brontë: Ten Letters and a Fictional Fantasy
The Morgan Library

The Morgan Library owns a small collection of Charlotte Brontë’s personal correspondence in which she speaks of her hopes for Jane Eyre. The website offers scans of the letters with transcriptions of the text.

Sorry but Jane Eyre is Not the Perfect Romance You Want it to be

This brief article from JStor’s blog examines the theme of love in Jane Eyre through the lens of Brontë’s own relationships.

The Figure of Bertha Mason
The British Library

This article from the British Library combines scans of Victorian texts and video discussions of Victorian views of mental illness and race to discuss the novel’s treatment of Bertha Mason.

Face to Face: Physiognomy & Phrenology
Harvard University

Charlotte Brontë mentions the pseudoscience of physiognomy, the ability to determine one’s character from their facial features, throughout Jane Eyre. This short blog post offers more background on physiognomy and includes scans from Victorian manuals on reading character.

Gender Roles in the 19th Century
The British Library

This article explains Victorian views of gender and women by examining scans of nineteenth century texts from the British Library’s collection.