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Which rapper was Khalil listening to right before One-Fifteen pulls him over?

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Why won’t Seven move in with Maverick and Lisa?

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Maverick replaced a photograph of Martin Luther King Jr. when he took ownership of the store with a photograph of whom?

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What stereotype does Starr say she wants to avoid as Williamson Starr?

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Which TV Show do Starr and Chris bond over before they start dating?

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What does Lisa tell Brenda at the hospital?

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What do the King Lords bring to Khalil’s funeral?

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What does Ms. Ofrah want to talk to Starr about at the funeral?

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Who has DeVante recently lost to gang violence?

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What does Maverick say “Thug Life” refers to?

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Why did Remy stage a walkout protest at Williamson?

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Who does Mr. Lewis blame for all the violence in Garden Heights?

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What does Starr call her new Tumblr blog?

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The media reports that police may have found a gun in Khalil’s car. What does Ms. Ofrah reveal that the gun really was?

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What adjective does Maverick use to refer to the suburbs where Uncle Carlos lives?

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What is One-Fifteen wearing in the photo that accompanies his father’s television interview?

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During her interview with Diane Carey, what question does Starr say she would ask One-Fifteen if he were there?

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Who provides security for Starr on her way to her testimony before the grand jury?

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What does Hailey say about Starr’s anger over Khalil’s death?

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Who crashes Seven’s birthday party?

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Why does Chris refuse to have sex with Starr?

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What rallying cry does Starr lead at the protest?

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What do the police do to the protesters on Carnation?

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How does King get his revenge on Starr?

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What will the Carter family do with the store?