Summary: Chapter 20

Starr testifies to the grand jury for three hours. Two weeks later, no verdict has been announced.

At school, Starr finds Maya talking with Hailey. Hailey calls Starr a liar. Hailey pulls out the media photograph of Khalil and a picture of Khalil at Starr’s twelfth birthday party. Now when Starr sees Khalil’s “thugshot,” she notices how happy he looks to have money. The birthday photo reminds her of Khalil getting sick from eating too much because he had been so hungry. She resolves to stand up for him. She says she knew Khalil.

Hailey asks why Starr lied, arguing that Starr owes her an apology because Starr accused her of racism simply because she was upset about Khalil. Maya comments that Hailey has done racist things. Hailey claims she unfollowed Starr’s Tumblr because she didn’t want to see violent photographs. Maya brings up Hailey’s other racist comments, including the cat incident. Hailey refuses to apologize for a joke from freshman year. Starr encourages Hailey to apologize to Maya because she cares about her. Hailey refuses, saying that Maya should get over it and Starr should get over Khalil. Hailey proclaims that Khalil was going to die anyhow, and One-Fifteen did everyone a favor by killing a drug dealer. Starr punches Hailey. Hailey fights back. Remy attacks Starr, but Seven defends her. Security guards arrive and pull them apart.

Starr, Seven, Hailey, and Remy receive three-day suspensions. Lisa admonishes Starr that she cannot act in the violent way expected from Garden Heights people. Starr protests that no one understands how it feels to watch Khalil die and then hear people say he deserved it. She hits the dashboard, screaming and crying. Lisa encourages her to let out her grief.

Back in Garden Heights, Starr, Lisa, and Seven are surprised to find Maverick meeting with Garden Disciples and Cedar Grove King Lords. Maverick tells them they must calm the riots if the jury decides not to indict One-Fifteen. He doesn’t want the neighborhood to burn down, especially not the black-owned businesses. He argues that their turf wars have caused the police to think they can get away with violence in their neighborhood. The gang members agree.

Maverick notices Starr, Lisa, and Seven in the doorway and asks why they’re home. Seven plays a video of the fight from social media. The gang members leave. Maverick asks why Starr and Seven were fighting. Seven says he was protecting his sister. The video playback shows Hailey’s comment about Khalil’s death. Maverick and Lisa decide that Starr and Seven should work at the store during their suspension, but do not otherwise punish them.