Summary: Chapter 14

Starr goes to Maya’s house where Maya and Hailey are hanging out. Hailey asks why Starr is mad at them. Hailey feels they shouldn’t have to apologize for protesting because others protested too. Hailey adds that Starr still owes her an apology for calling her racist. Starr says even if Hailey didn’t mean it, the fried chicken joke felt racist. Hailey complains that by that logic, if she felt protesting was right, Starr’s objection doesn’t matter.

Starr, Hailey, and Maya decide to watch television and find the interview with One-Fifteen’s father. The screen displays a photo of One-Fifteen wearing a crucifix necklace. One-Fifteen’s father notes that Garden Heights is dangerous, and the screen shows the worst parts of the neighborhood. As One-Fifteen’s father describes what a good child One-Fifteen was, Starr notes Khalil had been good too.

One-Fifteen’s father claims that Khalil had been speeding, and that Khalil and Starr acted as if they were planning to attack. He says Khalil threatened One-Fifteen, so One-Fifteen thought the object in the car was a gun. One-Fifteen’s father laments that his son just wanted to get home. Starr notes that she and Khalil wanted to go home too. Since the shooting, One-Fifteen has been attacked at work. Starr remembers Uncle Carlos’s bruised knuckles and realizes he hit One-Fifteen.

Hailey proclaims One-Fifteen’s life matters too. Starr tries to leave the room. Hailey asks why Starr disagrees, and Starr cries that his life always matters more. Starr asks Hailey if she unfollowed her Tumblr because of the Emmett Till post. Hailey explodes, shouting that Starr called her racist. Starr protests that she never brought up race. Hailey leaves, screaming she doesn’t know who Starr is anymore. Maya reveals that Hailey unfollowed Starr because of her posts about black issues. Maya knows Hailey can be racist. Freshman year, Hailey asked if Maya—who is Chinese—ate cat for Thanksgiving. Starr and Maya agree to confront Hailey’s racism together.

Starr returns to Uncle Carlos’s house. She asks Uncle Carlos whether he hit One-Fifteen. Uncle Carlos admits that he punched One-Fifteen when he learned One-Fifteen pointed a gun at Starr. Uncle Carlos says he became a cop to protect Starr and Garden Heights. Starr objects that he can’t protect them if he’s fired. Uncle Carlos says anyone who would shoot someone for opening a car door shouldn’t be a cop and feels guilty for not helping Khalil. He promises Starr he wouldn’t have shot Khalil.

Summary: Chapter 15

When Starr won’t eat pancakes, Lisa quizzes Starr about what’s wrong. Starr reveals what DeVante said about Khalil. She feels guilty for doubting Khalil. Lisa reminds Starr she didn’t know about Khalil’s plight. She adds she knows Starr had a crush on Khalil. Starr is ashamed because she’s dating Chris. Lisa reassures her that being attracted to multiple people is normal.