Summary: Chapter 12

Starr sees a tank passing on her street, flanked by an officer who reminds the neighborhood that the police will arrest anyone violating curfew. Starr checks her new blog, The Khalil I Know, where she shares photos from Khalil’s childhood. In an hour, hundreds of people like and reblog the posts. Starr goes to Seven’s room and notices a garbage bag full of his clothes. King ordered Iesha to kick Seven out. Seven brushes off Starr’s concern.

Starr gets a text from Maya, who suggests that Starr, Hailey, and Maya talk because things have been awkward. Starr resents that Maya always plays peacekeeper. Lisa tells Starr the District Attorney would like to question Starr about Khalil’s death. Starr is ready to talk.

That afternoon, Lisa brings Starr to the Just Us for Justice headquarters, which is decorated with photos of Black Power activists. Ms. Ofrah greets them and calls Khalil’s death a murder. Maverick arrives after dropping DeVante at Mr. Lewis’s. The District Attorney will bring Khalil’s case before a grand jury, who will decide whether to indict One-Fifteen. Starr worries about answering the District Attorney’s questions because she doesn’t know if Khalil had a gun in the car. Ms. Ofrah explains that the “gun” was a hairbrush that One-Fifteen claims he mistook for a gun. She wonders how One-Fifteen’s father will address the hairbrush in his upcoming television interview. Starr hates that One-Fifteen gets his side of the story told and resolves to be Khalil’s voice.

As they leave the office, Starr tells Ms. Ofrah about Natasha’s murder. Now that Ms. Ofrah has used the word murder, Starr feels she can too. She proclaims that Khalil and Natasha mattered. Ms. Ofrah offers to represent Starr pro bono and suggests they get Starr an anonymous television interview. Suddenly DeVante phones Maverick, and Maverick says they’ll hurry over.

Summary: Chapter 13

In Maverick’s office, Mr. Lewis explains how the King Lords beat him up. Mr. Lewis insists that DeVante is actually the one in real danger. King ordered the King Lords to kill DeVante on sight.

Maverick attacks DeVante, shouting that King would not want DeVante dead for refusing to shoot someone. DeVante confesses to stealing money from King to buy bus tickets for his family. He knew that if he killed Dalvin’s killers, their gang would kill him. When DeVante’s mother found out, she threw him out of the house to protect his sisters. He begs for Maverick’s help.