Summary: Chapter 22

Ms. Ofrah calls to inform Starr that the grand jury will announce their decision that day. Starr texts Chris, and he drives to pick her up.

Starr lies on Chris’s bed. She asks Chris if he thinks the jury will indict One-Fifteen. Chris asks what she thinks, and she admits she doesn’t think they will. She asks Chris why he’s dating her instead of a white girl like Hailey, and Chris insists Starr is beautiful and perfect. Starr wants to stop thinking about the grand jury and begins to kiss Chris. She tries to take off his jeans, but Chris stops her. He promises he wants to have sex with her, but not when she’s in a bad mental state.

Seven calls to ask if Starr has seen DeVante. DeVante left Uncle Carlos’s house, and nobody knows where he went. Starr tells Seven to pick her and Chris up so they can help search. When Seven arrives, he’s on the phone with Kenya. Something is wrong with DeVante. They drive to Iesha’s house.

Kenya calls the teens into a bedroom where DeVante lies bleeding. Kenya explains how she tried to stop King, but he pushed her out of the way. Iesha enters. Seven begs her to help, but Iesha says DeVante deserved it and anyone who helps him will get beat up too, especially Starr.

Iesha orders Seven to get DeVante, Kenya and Lyric out of her house. Seven protests at her throwing Kenya and Lyric out, but Iesha stands firm. While Seven and Chris help DeVante into the car, Starr watches Iesha flirt with King in the backyard. She realizes Iesha is distracting him. DeVante comments how lucky they were that Iesha helped them, but Seven doesn’t understand. Starr explains that Iesha wanted them to take Kenya and Lyric because King will react violently when he realizes DeVante escaped. Seven tries to go back to protect Iesha. Starr reminds Seven that Iesha is supposed to protect him.

On the radio, the DJ announces that the grand jury will not indict One-Fifteen.