Starr’s reflection on the injustice of the grand jury’s decision highlights the power of systemic racism. Her only way to fight for Khalil was to testify before the grand jury at great personal risk, and yet not even her best fight and having the truth on her side were strong enough to get Khalil justice. The heartbreaking results reposition Lisa’s advice about “doing right” as a warning that sometimes not even Starr’s best intentions can change the immense forces stacked against her. Starr tells Lisa that she threw the tear gas back at the cops instead of “continuing to do right” because she felt Khalil deserved better. She tried to “do right” with her anger by protesting peacefully, but the police still treated her as violent. Lisa does not press Starr again after Starr’s insistence that Khalil deserved better, showing that Lisa has no good answer to Starr’s anger because she cannot deny the unfairness of the situation.