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The Hate U Give


Chapters 14-15

Summary Chapters 14-15

Starr mentions she’s starting to wonder why she’s friends with Hailey. Lisa suggests making a list of the good and bad parts of their friendship. She explains that people make mistakes, and Starr must decide whether their mistake is bigger than her love for them.

They go to the District Attorney’s office. The DA explains the grand jury proceedings and asks Starr questions. When she gets to the moment of Khalil’s death, Starr begins to vomit. Lisa brings Starr to the store and orders Maverick to take care of Starr despite their fight. Chastened, Maverick holds Starr and lets her cry.

Maverick asks why Starr is dating a white boy. Starr says she likes Chris, and Chris cares about her. Maverick admits he was afraid Starr was dating a white boy because his relationship with Lisa scared her. Starr protests that Maverick has shown her what a good man should be.

King arrives, and Starr hides in the office. King asks where DeVante is. Maverick claims DeVante disappeared. King threatens Maverick over Starr’s testimony because King doesn’t want the police knowing more information about Khalil’s dealings. Maverick threatens King for threatening Starr.

After dinner, Maverick suggests that they go look at houses before Lisa’s upcoming job interview. He announces they’re moving. Lisa pulls him into their bedroom. Sekani asks if they’re really moving. Seven says that he won’t be coming because he doesn’t want to leave Iesha, Kenya, and Lyric with King. Starr asks about college, and Seven says he’ll attend Central Community to be near his sisters.

Analysis: Chapters 14-15

Hailey’s fixation on the word “racist” allows her to avoid taking responsibility for her words. Throughout the entire argument with Starr, Hailey expresses shock and dismay that a friend would call her racist, as if racist were a slur. However, Starr has not called Hailey racist, but expressed hurt at Hailey’s racist words and actions. Since Hailey does not acknowledge the difference, she acts as if Starr insulted her personhood instead of addressing the behavior that hurt Starr’s feelings. Furthermore, Hailey treats the friction between them as Starr overreacting to differences of opinion. For example, Hailey compares her feelings about the protest to Starr’s distress about the fried chicken joke, implying that she doesn’t have to understand Starr’s point of view if Starr won’t understand Hailey’s. However, Starr’s feelings about the fried chicken joke connect to the joke’s racist history. The protest only mattered to Hailey as an excuse to play hooky, so her anger stems from not liking that Starr called out her insensitivity. Since Hailey refuses to differentiate between a critique of her actions and a critique of her character, Starr cannot have a productive discussion about why she’s upset.