Arthur Holmwood is Lucy’s fiancé, and after Lucy’s death, Holmwood becomes a faithful participant in the fight against Dracula. He is also an English aristocrat who inherits his father’s title as Lord Godalming. Holmwood’s aristocratic heritage is important because it positions him in direct contrast to Count Dracula and shows that not everyone with a title and hereditary position is evil. Since Lucy chooses Holmwood over the other men who also woo her, Holmwood seems to be a devoted lover, and he later shows his courage and integrity by carrying out the awful task of driving a stake through the evil-possessed Lucy’s heart in order to save her soul. In addition to this traditionally heroic type of bravery, Holmwood shows vulnerability when he mourns Lucy, “cr[ying] like a wearied child, whilst he [shakes] with emotion.” At the end of Dracula, Holmwood is described as “happily married,” implying that he ultimately recovers from the trauma of losing Lucy.