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At the inn in Bistritz, what does the innkeeper’s wife give Harker to help him on his journey to Castle Dracula?

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Harker reports that the count’s English estate is rather isolated, and neighbored only by what institution?

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Despite Dracula’s warning, Harker falls asleep in a forbidden part of the castle. Who or what nearly attacks him there?

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How does Dracula react when Harker requests to leave the castle immediately?

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Whom does Lucy Westenra agree to marry?

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How does Dr. Seward diagnose his patient, Renfield?

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How does the captain of the Demeter arrive in Whitby, England?

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What does Mina assume has caused the two small wounds on Lucy’s neck?

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Where does Dr. Seward’s patient, Renfield, go when he attempts to escape?

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Who provides blood for Lucy Westenra’s first transfusion?

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How does Lucy Westenra’s mother die?

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How does Van Helsing react when the dying Lucy asks Holmwood for a final kiss?

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What name is given to the mysterious woman suspected of abducting children from Hampstead Heath?

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What does Mina give Van Helsing to aid his investigation into the strange circumstances surrounding Lucy’s death?

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How does Van Helsing prove to Dr. Seward that Lucy Westenra is one of the “Un- Dead”?

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What happens to Lucy’s body after Arthur Holmwood drives a stake through her heart?

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After reading the Harkers’ journals, whom does Dr. Seward suspect is under Dracula’s spell?

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What role does Van Helsing first assign Mina in their quest to kill Dracula?

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What do Van Helsing and his men find in the chapel at the Carfax estate?

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Why does Renfield become agitated during his conversation with Seward the night before he is attacked?

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What do Van Helsing and company find when they break into the Harkers’ bedroom in search of Dracula?

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What is responsible for the scar on Mina’s forehead?

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How does Van Helsing’s crew determine that Dracula has left England by ship?

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Who transports the count’s body from Galatz toward Castle Dracula?

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What do Mina and Jonathan Harker name their child?