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What do Offred and the other Handmaids call the detention center where they were kept?

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With whom does Offred do her shopping?

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What is the name of the society in which Offred lives?

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Why do all the shops in Gilead have pictures instead of written signs?

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What did Serena Joy do before the new society was formed?

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What function do Handmaids serve?

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Why is the need for Handmaids so great in Gilead?

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What is the title of the man with whom Offred must have sex?

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Who is Luke?

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Where does The Handmaid’s Tale take place?

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What happened to Offred’s daughter?

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What does the Commander ask Offred to do when he calls her into his study?

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What is the Wall?

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What does Ofglen tell Offred when they are looking at the prayer machines?

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Who is Moira?

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What is the Ceremony?

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What is a Martha?

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How did the founders of the Republic of Gilead first clamp down on women’s rights?

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What is the name of the club where the Commander takes Offred?

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Who does Offred see at the club?

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How does Serena plan to get Offred pregnant?

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What is a Salvaging?

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What is the password for Ofglen’s dissident group?

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What happens to Ofglen?

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At the end of the novel, who comes to take Offred away?