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What town do Eliezer and his family come from?

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What specifically does Eliezer recruit Moishe the Beadle to teach him?

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What is Eliezer’s oldest sister’s name?

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Upon his return to the village, what does Moishe the Beadle try to do?

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After being evacuated from their original homes, where are the Jews of Sighet first sent?

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On what day is Eliezer’s family deported from Sighet?

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On the train from Sighet, of what does Madame Schächter have visions?

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What do several men on the train do when they are unable to endure Madame Schächter’s screaming?

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From whom is Eliezer separated at Birkenau?

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During the first selection at Birkenau, what do Eliezer and his father, respectively, pretend their ages are?

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Who is the infamous Nazi doctor presiding over the Auschwitz arrivals?

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What is the Kaddish?

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In Birkenau, who beats Eliezer’s father?

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At Auschwitz, who recognizes Eliezer and his father?

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At Buna, with whom is Eliezer placed in a block?

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What is Idek?

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To whom does Eliezer lose the gold crown on his tooth?

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What do the Gestapo do after an instance of sabotage at Buna?

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After Akiba Drumer’s death, what do Eliezer and the other prisoners do?

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In January 1945, what sort of infection does Eliezer contract?

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In the concentration camp hospital, Eliezer’s neighbor remarks he has lost faith in everything except what?

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During the long run after Buna, what does Eliezer say was the only thing that kept him from giving up?

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In the shed, taking a brief break from the run, what does Eliezer pray for?

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In the barracks at Gleiwitz, what does Eliezer hear?

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Where does Eliezer’s father die?