Episode Ten consists of nineteen short views of characters, major and minor, as they make their way around Dublin in the afternoon. Within each subsection, short, disjunctive paragraphs pop up that depict a simultaneous action in some other part of the city. These are not rendered below.

Father John Conmee travels from his Dublin presbytery to a suburban school to try to get Patrick Dignam’s son admitted for free. Conmee walks to the tram station, passing a one-legged sailor, three schoolboys, and others on the way. Conmee gets on an outbound tram, notices a poster of Eugene Stratton, a blackface minstrel, and thinks about missionary work. Conmee gets off at Howth road, takes out his breviary (book of prayers), and reads to himself as he walks. In front of him, a young couple guiltily emerges from the hedgerow. Conmee blesses them.

Corny Kelleher examines a coffinlid, then gossips with a policeman.

The one-legged sailor crutches up Eccles street, singing a patriotic English song and asking for alms. He passes Katey and Boody Dedalus. A woman’s arm (Molly’s) throws a coin out of a window for the sailor.

Katey and Boody Dedalus enter their kitchen, where their sister Maggy is washing clothes. The Dedalus sisters discuss the household’s lack of money and food—Sister Mary Patrick has donated some pea soup to them. Maggy explains that Dilly has gone to see their father, Simon Dedalus.

The throwaway that Bloom threw into the river in Episode Eight floats down river.