Episode One: Telemachus

Stephen Dedalus is called to the roof of the Martello Tower by Buck Mulligan, who chides Stephen for his disheveled appearance before they have breakfast with Haines, an Englishman. Afterward, the three walk to the water. When Stephen announces his departure, Buck asks Stephen for the keys and money for alcohol. Stephen thinks about how Buck has usurped the tower.

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Episode Two: Nestor

While teaching a class, Stephen ponders history, and later thinks of his own mother, who died recently. After the class, Stephen visits Deasy, the schoolmaster, who expresses his anti-Semitic thoughts and pro-England sentiments, and who asks Stephen to help him publish a letter. Stephen agrees, reflecting on his own subservience and position at the school.

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Episode Three: Proteus

Stephen reminisces about a number of subjects on his way to meet Buck Mulligan. These musings include Christ, women, Jonathan Swift and his novel Gulliver’s Travels, his aunt Sara, his time in Paris, the first Danish Vikings who invaded Dublin, and other disparate recollections.

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Episode Four: Calypso

Shifting perspective from Stephen to Leopold Bloom, this episode follows Bloom’s morning routine as he goes to the butcher. When Bloom returns home, he brings his wife Molly breakfast in bed and letters from Boylan and their daughter Milly. Bloom proceeds to read in the outhouse where he thinks he could write a story and be paid for it.

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Episode Five: The Lotus Eaters

At the post office, Bloom is interrupted by McCoy who asks Bloom to put his name down in Dignam’s funeral register. Bloom then reads a letter from his erotic pen pal, Martha Clifford, acknowledges that he will never meet her, tears up the letter, and attends church. Bantam Lyons asks Bloom for the newspaper to check on a horse race. Bloom walks toward the public baths.

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Episode Six: Hades

Bloom joins Martin Cunningham, Jack Power, and Simon Dedalus, Stephen’s father, in a carriage that drives them through town on the way to Dignam’s funeral. Bloom wonders about a mysterious man at the gravesite. As Bloom watches the gravediggers, his thoughts turn to his upcoming visit to his father’s grave, as well as to death in general.

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Episode Seven: Aeolus

In the Freeman newspaper office, Bloom, describing the design for the Keyes ad, interacts with several colorful, local characters. Later, Stephen enters with Deasy’s letter and suggests the men visit a pub. On their way out, they bump into Bloom, who asks Crawford for two months renewal of the Keyes ad instead of three, but he is denied.

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Episode Eight: Lestrygonians

Bloom strolls through the city, crossing paths with a cast of characters along the way. Bloom finally spots Boylan from afar and panics.

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Episode Nine: Scylla and Charybdis

In the National Library, Stephen presents his “Hamlet theory,” and the men discuss their opposing opinions regarding Shakespeare. Buck appears and pokes fun at Stephen for not meeting him and Haines at the pub, and he warns Stephen to be wary of Bloom. Buck suggests they go for a drink, and when Stephen bumps into Bloom, Buck once again makes a disparaging remark about him.

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Episode Ten: The Wandering Rocks

This episode consists of a series of snapshots detailing the lives of several characters as they move through Dublin.

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Episode Eleven: Sirens

Richie Goulding invites Bloom to dinner at the Ormond Hotel where he’s come to observe Boylan. Bloom’s thoughts worryingly turn to Molly’s upcoming tryst with Boylan, and afterward, Bloom begins crafting a letter to Martha. Bloom heads to the post office and notices Bridie Kelly, a local prostitute he was once with, and avoids her by looking into a shop window where he reads the famous last words of the Irish patriot Robert Emmet.

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Episode Twelve: Cyclops

At a pub, an unnamed narrator meets Joe Hynes, and several conversations among the patrons ensue. Bloom enters, explaining that he is meant to meet Cunningham, and the narrator remarks on Bloom and his relationship with Molly, while other characters enter the bar and speak about subjects ranging from local politics to hangings. Bloom keeps a level head even when the narrator makes unsavory remarks about Bloom’s Jewishness.

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Episode Thirteen: Nausicaa

On the beach, Bloom watches a group of girlfriends, the narrative paying particularly close attention to Gerty, occasionally turning to her thoughts and the subtle flirtation that ensues between Gerty and Bloom, culminating in an explosion of emotion that is symbolized by the fireworks that go off in the distance. Bloom watches Gerty leave to rejoin her friends and as his thoughts turn to Molly, female sexuality, and motherhood, he notices a mystery man pass by.

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Episode Fourteen: Oxen of the Sun

In the maternity ward, Bloom checks on Mrs. Purefoy, and he joins Stephen, Lenehan, and others. The men discuss a variety of topics while Bloom’s thoughts veer toward a growing paternal concern for Stephen, as well as Bloom’s own youth. Bloom expresses his relief when Mrs. Purefoy gives birth to a boy.

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Episode Fifteen: Circe

Adopting the form of a play script, this episode follows Bloom, Stephen, and Lynch as they spend time in in the red-light district, where Bloom and Stephen are both plagued by hallucinations regarding their anxieties about manhood, sexuality, and other nightmarish scenarios. Stephen dances frantically as the spirit of his mother rises from the ground, confronting Stephen and frightening him so that he runs out of the brothel and gets knocked out.

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Episode Sixteen: Eumaeus

Bloom takes Stephen to a shelter for food. Bloom attempts to lecture Stephen about sleeping with prostitutes, politics, and literature, but Stephen is mostly dismissive. Bloom shows Stephen a picture of Molly, and his thoughts turn to plans for him and Stephen in the future. Bloom takes Stephen by the arm and the two walk home.

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Episode Seventeen: Ithaca

Stephen refuses Bloom’s invitation to stay the night. Bloom reflects on the events that have transpired before kissing Molly and sharing the details of his day with her, all while thinking about her and Boylan’s affair, as well as his daughter Milly.

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Episode Eighteen: Penelope

Molly’s interior monologue deals with her thoughts on Bloom and Boylan, sexuality, her childhood, Milly, a recollection of her first lover, and her failed aspirations as a stage star. Molly thinks about the importance of mothers, especially since Stephen’s mother has just passed, and she considers her own dead son, Rudy. Finally, she recalls the day Bloom proposed.

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