BONO: Your daddy got a promotion on the rubbish. He’s gonna be the first colored driver. Ain’t got to do nothing but sit up there and read the paper like them white fellows. . . . Been fighting with them people about driving and ain’t even got a license. Mr. Rand know you ain’t got no driver’s license?
TROY: I don’t care what he’s doing. When he get to the point where he wanna disobey me . . . then it’s time for him to move on. Bono’ll tell you that. I bet he ain’t never disobeyed his daddy without paying the consequences.
TROY: My daddy ain’t had them walking blues! What you talking about? He stayed right there with his family. But he was just as evil as could be. My mamma couldn’t stand him. Couldn’t stand that evilness. She run off when I was about eight. She sneaked off one night after he had gone to sleep. Told me she was coming back for me. I ain’t never seen her no more. All his women run off and left him. He wasn’t good for nobody.
TROY: When he shot me I jumped at him with my knife. They told me I killed him and they put me in the penitentiary and locked me up for fifteen years. That’s where I met Bono. That’s where I learned how to play baseball. Got out that place and your mama had taken you and went on to make life without me. Fifteen years was a long time for her to wait. But that fifteen years cured me of that robbing stuff.