TROY: I ain’t worried. Just told me to be down there at the Commissioner’s office on Friday. Everybody think they gonna fire me. I ain’t worried about them firing me. You ain’t got to worry about that.
GABRIEL: . . . Troy’s mad at me. . . . I just moved over to Miss Pearl’s to keep out from in your way. I ain’t mean no harm by it. . . . You ain’t mad at me, is you? . . . Got me two rooms. In the basement. Got my own door too. Wanna see my key?
TROY: That’s the only way I got a roof over my head . . . cause of that metal plate. . . . I’m just stating the facts. If my brother didn’t have that metal plate in his head . . . I wouldn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. And I’m fifty-three years old. Now see if you can understand that!