TROY: They keep switching me around. Got me out in Greentree now . . . hauling white folks’ garbage. . . . I’m thinking about retiring myself. . . . It ain’t the same, Bono. It ain’t like working the back of the truck. Ain’t got nobody to talk to . . . feel like you working by yourself. Naw, I’m thinking about retiring.
CORY: I ain’t scared of you. . . . I was walking by you to go into the house cause you sitting on the steps drunk, singing to yourself. You can put it like that. . . . I ain’t got to say excuse me to you. You don’t count around here no more.
TROY: . . . I done spent the last seventeen years worrying about what you got. Now it’s your turn, see? I’ll tell you what to do. You grown . . . we done established that. You a man. Now, let’s see you act like one. Turn your behind around here and walk out this yard. And when you get out there in the alley . . . you can forget about this house. See? Cause this is my house. You go on and be a man and get your own house. You can forget about this. Cause this is mine. You go on and get yours cause I’m through with doing for you.
CORY: What you gonna do . . . give me a whupping? You can’t whup me no more. You’re too old. You just an old man. . . . You just a crazy old man . . . talking about I got the devil in me. . . . It ain’t your yard. You took Uncle Gabe’s money he got from the army to buy this house and then you put him out.
TROY: You’re gonna have to use it! You wanna draw that bat back on me . . . you’re gonna have to use it. . . . (CORY swings the bat at TROY a second time. He misses. TROY continues to advance toward him.) TROY: You’re gonna have to kill me! You wanna draw that bat back on me. You’re gonna have to kill me. . . . Come on! Come on! (CORY is unable to swing the bat. TROY grabs it.)