TROY: I ain’t worried about them firing me. They gonna fire me cause I asked a question? That’s all I did. I went to Mr. Rand and asked him, “Why? Why you got the white mens driving and the colored lifting?” Told him, “what’s the matter, don’t I count? You think only white fellows got sense enough to drive a truck. That ain’t no paper job! Hell, anybody can drive a truck. How come you got all whites driving and the colored lifting? He told me “take it to the union.” Well, hell, that’s what I done!
BONO: I see you be walking up around Alberta’s house. You supposed to be at Taylors’ and you be walking up around there. . . . I seen you walking around there more than once.
TROY: Open the door . . . devil standing there bigger than life. White fellow . . . a clipboard in his hand. I ain’t had to say nothing. First words come out of his mouth was . . . “I understand you need some furniture and can’t get no credit.” I liked to fell over. He say, “I’ll give you all the credit you want, but you got to pay the interest on it.” . . . Say send ten dollars, first of every month to the address in the book and everything will be alright. . . . That was fifteen years ago. To this day . . . the first of the month I send my ten dollars.
TROY: Yeah, I got it. You know why I got it? Cause I don’t throw my money away out there in the streets. You living the fast life . . . wanna be a musician . . . running around in them clubs and things . . . then, you learn to take care of yourself. You ain’t gonna find me going and asking nobody for nothing. I done spent too many years without.