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August Wilson

Act Two: Scene Three

Quotes Act Two: Scene Three
TROY: Rose . . . I’m standing here with my daughter in my arms. She ain’t but a wee bittie little old thing. She don’t know nothing about grownups’ business. She innocent . . . and she ain’t got no mama.
TROY: What you smiling at? Your daddy’s a big man. Got these great big old hands. But sometimes he’s scared. And right now your daddy’s scared cause we sitting out here and ain’t got no home. Oh, I been homeless before. I ain’t had no little baby with me. But I been homeless.
TROY: You be out on the road by your lonesome and you see one of them trains coming and you just kinda go like this . . . (He sings as a lullaby.) Please, Mr. Engineer let a man ride the line Please, Mr. Engineer let a man ride the line I ain’t got no ticket please let me ride the blinds