ROSE: Well, I’m sure glad you made it. They let Lyons come. Your Uncle Gabe’s still in the hospital. They don’t know if they gonna let him out or not. I just talked to them a little while ago.
BONO: Your daddy knew you had it in you. He used to tell me all the time. . . . Yeah, he remind me of Troy when I first met him. (Pause.) Say, Rose, Lucille’s down at the church with the choir. I’m gonna go down and get the pallbearers lined up. I’ll be back to get you all.
ROSE: . . . Ain’t too much changed. He still got that piece of wood tied to that tree. He was out here swinging that bat. I was just ready to go back in the house. He swung that bat and then he just fell over. Seem like he swung it and stood there with this grin on his face . . . and then he just fell over. They carried him on down to the hospital, but I knew there wasn’t no need[.]
CORY: (To RAYNELL.) You go on in the house and change them shoes like Mama told you so we can go to Papa’s funeral.