TROY: All of a sudden, after all this time, you want to talk to me, huh? You ain’t wanted to talk to me for months. You ain’t wanted to talk to me last night. You ain’t wanted no part of me then. What you wanna talk to me about now? . . . I know what day tomorrow is. You think I don’t know tomorrow’s Friday? My whole life I ain’t done nothing but look to see if Friday coming and you got to tell me it’s Friday.
ROSE: Troy, I can’t live like this. I won’t live like this. You livin’ on borrowed time with me. It’s been going on six months now and you ain’t been coming home. . . . I want you to come home tomorrow after work.
TROY: I’m going over to the hospital to see Alberta. She went into the hospital this afternoon. Look like she might have the baby early. I won’t be gone long.
ROSE: You did Gabe just like you did Cory. You wouldn’t sign the paper for Cory . . . but you signed it for Gabe. You signed that paper. . . . I said send him to the hospital . . . you said let him be free . . . now you done went down there and signed him to the hospital for half his money. You went back on yourself, Troy. You gonna have to answer for that.