Elizabeth Bennet is the protagonist of the novel. Most of the events and characters are described from her point of view, and readers gain access to new information and insights only when she does. Elizabeth wants to build an independent life for herself with a partner she truly loves and respects. However, this goal is blocked by her tendency to make quick assumptions about people, and to be stubborn in her beliefs. At the beginning of the novel, Elizabeth forms fixed ideas of people and is frustrated when individuals show inconsistency or complexity. For example, after making up her mind that Darcy is cold and stuck-up, she refuses to see anything good about his character. Conversely, because she takes a liking to Wickham, she insists on believing he is a good person. By the end of the novel, Elizabeth realizes that people can be complex and multi-dimensional, and that it is important to use new information to reassess first impressions. Because of this development in her character, she achieves what she wants and ends up happily married to Darcy.