The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

An Emmy-winning web video series that reimagines the plot of Pride and Prejudice in a modern-day setting. The series is helpful in gaining a perspective on what Austen’s themes would look like in a contemporary setting.

The History Chicks Podcast: episode 38, “Jane Austen.”

Biography covering the life of Jane Austen and important events that may have influenced the ideas in her novels. The podcast provides useful and entertaining biographical information.

“Pride and Prejudice at 200.”

In this article in The Guardian, eight contemporary writers share their thoughts on the major characters in Pride and Prejudice and how the novel has influenced them. This resource provides insight into the novel’s ongoing legacy.

The World that Jane Austen Presents.”

This short guide, prepared by the Jane Austen House Museum, introduces the social expectations and typical activities for men and women in Austen’s day. The resource is helpful in gaining insight into the historical context of the novel.

“Jane Austen and Social Judgement.”

This article from the British Library uses video, images, and original manuscripts to explain the world in which Austen lived and the social context of her novels.

“A Woman’s Wit: Jane Austen’s Life and Legacy.”

This podcast from the radio station WNYC discusses why Jane Austen has remained such a popular writer and how her style and subject matter have contributed to her legacy.