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Why are the pilgrims going to Canterbury?

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What does the Squire wear?

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Who marries Emelye in the Knight’s Tale?

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According to the Wife of Bath, what do women most desire?

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What does Chanticleer dream?

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Who are the three men searching for in the Pardoner’s Tale?

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Who is branded by a red-hot poker in the Miller’s Tale?

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Which of the following tales is a fabliau?

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Which pilgrim has a forked beard?

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What is the moral of the Nun’s Priest’s Tale?

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What is the Wife of Bath’s Prologue about?

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When does The Canterbury Tales take place?

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For which social classes did Chaucer write?

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What was Chaucer’s profession?

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How many Canterbury Tales are there?

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What is a romance?

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Which tale qualifies as part of a medieval sermon?

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Which pilgrims are most richly attired?

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Which tales take place in the Orient?

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Which pilgrim carries a brooch inscribed with Latin words meaning “Love Conquers All”?

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At what time of year does the pilgrimage take place?

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Which characters are connected to the Church?

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Which tale is about a talking falcon?

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Which tales are about the patient suffering of women?

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Why does the Pardoner upset the Host?