The Canterbury Tales


The Knight’s Tale, Parts 3–4

Quotes The Knight’s Tale, Parts 3–4
Though Mars shal helpe his knight, yet natheless Bitwixe yow ther moot be som tyme pees, Al be ye noght of o compleccioun, That causeth al day swich divisioun. I am thyn aiel, redy at thy wille; Weep now namoore, I wol thy lust fulfille.
In al this world, that som tyme he ne deyde. This world nys but a thurghfare ful of wo, Andwe been pilgrymes, passynge to and fro. Deeth is an ende of every worldly soore.
And though he were a povre bachelor, Syn he hath served yow so many a yeer, And had for yow so greet adversitee, It moste been considered, leeveth me; For gentil mercy oghte to passen right.