Chapter 3.LXIII.

We Are Now Going to Enter Upon a New Scene of Events.—

—Leave we then the breeches in the taylor's hands, with my father standing over him with his cane, reading him as he sat at work a lecture upon the latus clavus, and pointing to the precise part of the waistband, where he was determined to have it sewed on.—

Leave we my mother—(truest of all the Poco-curante's of her sex!)—careless about it, as about every thing else in the world which concerned her;—that is,—indifferent whether it was done this way or that,—provided it was but done at all.—

Leave we Slop likewise to the full profits of all my dishonours.—

Leave we poor Le Fever to recover, and get home from Marseilles as he can.—And last of all,—because the hardest of all—

Let us leave, if possible, myself:—But 'tis impossible,—I must go along with you to the end of the work.